Saturday, January 31, 2009

In the beginning...

In the beginning, God created a garden......a beautiful place where Adam and Eve were placed. There were beautiful trees, plants, fruits and vegetables. Eve decided that she must taste one of those big, beautiful apples. The necessity
of invention began ~

Eve decided that Adam, being an obedient husband, should gather
all of the wonderful fruits and vegetables and sell them to provide her with a way to clothe her sinful loins and a way for her to purchase "to-die-for" antiques for the garden. Adam scratched his head and came up with the idea of a market place where he could sell the bounty from the garden. The Farmers' Market of Eden was born. Eve was happy with her beloved mate.

Since the beginning of the Farmers' Market, farmers have been able
to support their families from the hard labor of raising and selling fresh fruits and vegetables from their farms and back yards. Today's markets supply America with the freshest fruits and vegetables available. Our baskets are filled within hours of veggies being gathered at the field and arriving in local markets.

Market shoppers demand "fresh" selections and not those vegetables which have been picked before their time and packed onto tankers and ride on the back of 18-wheelers for more than a week. We want to know the source of origin and what glowing chemicals have been sprayed onto our supper veggies.

Farmers and their families also provide our markets with pottery, wooden furniture, firewood, honey, herbs, baked goods, jams, jellies, wine and trees for replenishing the garden. You can always get an education with each visit to the market. There are musicians and artists available to entertain you while you shop. Local chefs are on hand to cook up a demonstration of new recipes and offer helpful hints of making the best of your veggie selections.

Many folks like to find fault with Eve for tasting that big, red apple. I like to find the good in all situations. God blessed us with the garden. Adam and Eve started the market.

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