Thursday, February 12, 2009

Daffodils and Valentines

Spring is just around the corner....
The Daffodils are blooming in the side
forest and I am just itching to go out
and pick a handful for some pre-weekend
decorating. Daffodils and Valentine's
Day fit hand-in-hand....My second grade
school teacher Miss Nola always had this
hugh, petit-point, white, milk-glass vase
sitting in the middle of her desk...she
would take a miniture American flag and
plop it in the middle of the arrangement.

That's American to me. Daffodils, hearts
and little red, white and blue flags.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Junkking Weekend

This weekend we are on a junking search
for creative containers for my little herb
plants that we will be selling at the
Farmers' Market this spring. This year
The Farmers' Daughter will be selling
Kitchen Kounter Herbs, aprons, Creame
Cheese Pound Cakes and a wide variety of
scones. During the later part of Fall we
will offer a selection of fresh-frozen
soups and apple pies. Maybe we will do
a give away to welcome Spring soon.

We are receiving request daily for booth
rentals at the market.....It's going to
be a great season.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seeds of Faith

My Grandmother used to say, "if you want to get a great job accomplished, all one needs to do is plant a few seeds". Well, what she meant to say was, "if you need someone to help do a job, just hint around and eventually the seed you planted in their brain will start to grow and soon your phone will ring and the task will be on it's way to completion ".

My grandmother had lots of faith in others and many well intentions. It's those "seeds of faith" that will help to keep America on-top of it all in this messed up economic tornado that we have been thrown into.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Patience is a required virtue of being a
successful farmers' market manager. Let's
not go into the full details today, just
trust me. Bloggiing has been possible for
me since I possess qualities of patience.
My cottage has been in need of attention,
but I refuse to attend to another chore until
I have gotten this down pat ! You ask....
"where are the photographs ?" ....that's a
very good question...... Along with this new
new blog, I purchased a new lap-top computer,
a new camera and a new "supposed to do it all"

Please be patient with me. Forward any kind
words of encouragement to help me along the way.
Spring is just around the corner, my market opens
again on April 4, 2009.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Catalogs Everywhere

Today I have spent my time strolling thru seed catalogs, searching
for those favorite heirloom tomato seeds everyone was shopping for last season at the market. Cherokee Purple and Mr. Stripey.
Wow, what planet sent those to us here on earth ? Are heirlooms really any better than plain ole garden tomato seeds ? You bet ya they are ! OMG you haven't tasted a tomato sandwich until you try one filled with Purple Cherokee tomatoes and lots of southern branded mayo. I can almost smell the big, thick slices of juicy tomato lying between two thick pieces of warm toasted 12-grain bread. This southern belle thinks she has died and gone to heaven.

Stacks and stacks of seed catalogs also means that I get to select new varieties of brightly colored, long legged zinnias. Here in the south, we must have lots of little summer cottage bouquets tucked amongst our treasured nic-nacs, from the kitchen sink to the side porch. And don't forget to order some olde timey cocks comb seeds for cutting and drying. These strange furry plants make the most gorgeous dried wreaths. Add rosemary and lavendar to the order sheet. These two herbals are nice to add to a get well pot and summer bridal bouquets.

Spending a lazy afternoon gazing thru seed catalogs is just what I needed today. Now all of those hugh, bare oak trees just outside of my window have the suttle appearance of being full of new spring time leaves. Oh goodness, someone make us a cup of lemonade, it will be 90 degrees outdoors before we know it.