Sunday, March 22, 2009


Spring is now here and "Johnny is
jumping up". When we see Johnny
showing his sweet little purple face
we know it is now the time to clean
the Farmers' Market Barn and prepare
for the vendors, musicians, Master
Gardener volunteers, chefs and last
but not least........shoppers. Our
local home-town market will set up
shop on April 4th at 8:00 AM. OMG
that means that I must shake my self
off at 4:00 AM. Managers must arrive
earlier than the birds that are searching
for the worm.

The musicians have emailed to confirm their
dates as well as the chefs. Everyone is
preparring their new wares and tares for
their new 2009 booths. Farmers have met
with the manager and the new officers for
2009. Reservations are being made for
field and kitchen inspections. Certifications
must be sought from the local County Agents to
ensure that what the farmer sells, the farmer
grows. We are a 100% certified "fresh-from-the
farm, local grown market....Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays. Bakers must also be inspected
and certifided to sell pastries, jams, and breads.

Farmers go thru a lot just to sell their products
to the American public. It's more than just seed
and sunshine, water and prayers. It's hard work,
even on the manager's shoulders. It's like
being the Ring Master of the "Greatest Show on
Earth. Please remember me in your thoughts
and prayers. And of course, remember the vendors...
it's tough rising up at 4:00 AM with a smiling
face and sunny disposition. Ever wonder why so
many folks ask the question, "why do farmers go to
bed with the chickens ?"

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