Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Market has opened it's big barn door...

Open the big barn door...
Spring is here and the market is open.
Vendors are rubbing their eyes early in
the morning as they gather early Spring
crops from the misty fields. Little
bunnies are peaking from the thistle
along side the freshly plowed gardens.
Butterflies are emerging from the cocoon.
The countryside is turning green...
Mother Nature is painting a portrait
this year that we will long remember.

This should be a great year for the farmer
as well as the shopper. God has blessed
our area with plenty of rainfall and a very
pleasant Winter.

Farmers brought the most wonderful bounty
of early crops to the market on Opening Day
this past Saturday. One could fill their
shopping bag with Fresh pork and beef products.
Breakfast items were available including
blueberry scones, pecan tarts, granola,
biscuits,fresh hen eggs, jams, jellies and fruit
spreads. Neatly tied bundles of fresh asparagus
filled the tables of specialty vendors. Cottage
guests ? Serve up a big platter of breakfast
asparagus bedded under a mountain of scrambled
eggs and sausage gravy. Yummielicious !

Amongst all of the fresh Spring veggies, there
were many selections of bedding plants, vegetable
plants for the do-it-yourselfer and truck loads
of flowers to plant. Nursery items and hostas were peeking
from their pots just begging to be planted before
Easter weekend. All little bunnies love to nibble upon
an Easter feast of hosta.

There was a great blue-grass band and the cutest
young chef offering "strawberry slaw" and the recipe
to shoppers as they entered the barn. Many of the
vendors counted their blessings and they counted their
dollars mid-morning. Most left early and made reservations
for next Saturday morning.

Everyone is excited to see which farmer will bring
the first big, juicy, red, ripe tomato to the venue.

Life is good!
Enjoy your local Farmers' Market

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